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Birth of the Club

Back in the seventies, Bob Hunt, Richard Baker, Don McAlister, Bill Pearson and bar owner Jim O’Malley wanted the ability to share their interests and passion for biking and be able to socialize outside the normal places. They decided to start up a new club.

The Formation
On a Sunday in November 1972, a booth was set up in Mike’s Corral (now Piston’s) to pass out flyers on the proposed bike club. The bar was slow that afternoon until the Bluemax M/C Club arrived, en mass. They had set up the bar as a checkpoint for their one-day ride. Several Bluemax showed interest, including charter members: Ed Webb, George Dorch and Bill Cook.
On the evening of November 28, 1972 seventeen men met at the house of Don & Richards for an organizational meeting. All agreed to organize the club. Richard Baker proposed the name, Long Beach/Orange County Motorcycle Club, and so LOBOC M/C was born. That night a constitutional draft was accepted and those 17 men were established as charter members.

The First Officers
President � Bob Hunt, Road Captain � Bill Pearson, Vice President � Don McAlister, Treasurer � Richard Baker, and Secretary � Bill Ice.

Club Colors
A key item of debate for the club was its colors. The club rejected the traditional black, white and red in favor of its now famous black, white and turquoise. The turquoise color was picked when a couple of members arrived at a meeting wearing turquoise blue t-shirts.  The LOBOC’s then picked Mike Whalen’s leather game turquoise blue/green overlay. This has been the club’s trademark ever since.

Many Firsts
The club made its first appearance in uniform in the spring of 1973. The club’s first beverage bust was held in June of the same year. Their first One Day Ride, commemorated its one-year anniversary in November of 1973. The first Overnight run occurred in July of 1974, at Camp Marcella, in Wrightwood, Ca. The club has conducted overnight bike runs ever since. The club was also elected to the Council of Motorcycle Clubs the same year.

The Folding of The LoBOC Motorcycle Club

Recently Folded Motorcycle Club Colors:

(This list is in progress of being developed, Please let us know of past club ending year)