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President’s Day Ride - February 2010

Our Next Event

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles once again hosts the 16th Annual AIDS Charity Ride.  May 12th is the date of our Annual AIDS Charity LifeRide benefitting two agencies, Being Alive Los Angeles and Long Beach AIDS Foundation.  You can make your donations online on the home page if you cannot attend or at the starting point of the run which is at Hot Java.

We’ve seen many clubs come and go over the years.  Good thing we started our Legacy Project back in 2001 and recording, archiving, and documenting all the history of the gay motorcycle community.  There is a tremendous volume of history in California and thoughout the Nation.  Unfortunately, as time marches on, much of the living history goes with each person we lose in our community.

The Satyrs are working very hard to create the largest fully archived and documented collection before our 60th Anniversary in 2014.  The amount of photos, video, meeting notes, documents, collector pins and other past memorabilia is vast.  Pulling these items together, tracing the stories and events to each piece of history is a daunting task.  The Satyrs intend on installing this completed collection with the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives in November 2014.  It will be the first collection ever installed that is fully researched, properly numbered, catalogued and documented in the history of gay collections.

But you don’t have to wait until 2014 to see some of this vast historical collection.  Much of these items can be seen right here in our galleries.  And soon you will be able to see videos, interviews and so much more.

Beginning in July 2013, we’ll begin the count-down to the 60th Anniversary event with a year long celebration. Only The Satyrs can create living history for you to witness.  Visit often to see some great historical pictures and documents posted in our history section.

Over 12,000+ photos in our collection!  Read about the Legacy Project and our preservation efforts to save history.

Our Legacy Project

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