Actually, next to our Badger Flat run, this event has been going on just as long.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to keep track.  Good thing we started the Legacy Project and we now know that the Satyrs’ traditional Turkey Poker Run has pretty much remained unchanged for 50 years!

Yes, that’s 50 years we’ve been watching you strapping those turkeys down on your bikes and carrying them home.  Of course in years past, frozen turkeys were not as common as they are today.  Thank goodness this event has always been held in the month of November where the odds of a very warm day isn’t that common.

Nonetheless, join us for the Annual Turkey Poker Run which for those of us who are keeping track is the 52nd Annual Turkey Poker Run!  Everyone is welcome to join us for the event…bikes , car, truck, dune buggy or whatever vehicle.  But it is more fun to watch a turkey strap down on a motorcycle!

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