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The Legacy Project is the preservation of our history for all.

The preservation project of the Satyrs M/C historical archives along with all archives in the collection of more than 23 original clubs since 1954.

They changed the world.

One hundred years of changing social views, transition from the wild west to metropolitan growth and the influx of new communities caused major shifts in Los Angeles prior to the club formation.

The Satyrs helped spawn the growth of hundreds of motorcycle clubs, uniform clubs and many leather organizations over the nearly six decades of existence.

The club members impact over the years on gay history, culture, discrimination, police raids, entrapment and even charity has been widely documented.

Photos from more than 23 clubs’ events Over 12,000+ restored photos

All original meeting notes archived

Hundreds of hours of film and video

Original scans of archival posters

Archived and documented materials

Academic access to most materials

Access to historic photographs

“The Satyrs’ are pulling together the most complete, extensive and fully researched collection in the history of gay culture to be seen by generations to come”

About the Satyrs’ Legacy Project

How did the original concept start and evolve

The original concept began in 2002, when the club began planning for it’s 50th Anniversary.  Garry Bowie and Scott Bloom, both filmmakers, along with club members and others started taking stock on the aging members including near original members who could give a living oral history on film.

What became evident even in 2002 was the sheer volume of material that had never been properly archived or documented.  Garry and Scott poured over materials and shot hours of oral history to capture the beginnings of what would become the first documentary film – “Original Pride” premiering in 2004.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Palladium...

Original Pride made it’s first public debut on rainy Thanksgiving weekend at the club’s 50th Anniversary at the Hollywood Palladium in front of a crowd of 300 attendees.  It was lauded enthusiastically by the partygoers who would also appear in the final version release to the public at film festivals and television around the world.  As it traveled the circuit, the club was bombarded with more inquisitive questions about our history that simply could not be captured in a one hour film.  Afterall, how do you cover 50 years of history in a one-hour documentary?  A follow-up documentary series was born…

Back to the future again...

Working with the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archive and Museum, members investigated the methodology and archiving processes used by ONE.  The relationship was forged with ONE upon the Satyrs’ toast to the 50th Anniversary of The Oedipus Motorcycle Club in 2008.  It was from this relationship that the club began working in earnest to ensure the final deposit of the most extensive historical collection would be installed to ONE on the club’s historic 60th Anniversary in 2014.

The Satyrs’ member, Garry Bowie, is working on the 5-part film documentary series “The Long Road Forward” in order to cover the complete 60 years in depth.  The club is culling through 12,000+ photos, thousands of pages of meeting minutes back to the very first meeting, reviewing video and 8mm films, oral history and capturing new interviews to put together the most complete collection of gay history in the world.

Over 12,000+ photos from dozens of collections and from the archives of many, many clubs dating back to the early 50’s.

How it all began

and more Legacy Project


How it all began

Preparing for a whirlwind 60th Anniversary Celebration in 2014!

It’s not often that any gay organization reaches 60 years of continuous operation.  In fact, the Satyrs is the only club to reach this milestone.  So with the release of “The Long Road Forward: The Brotherhood”, followed by each new film chapter every few months thereafter, 2013 will be a phenomenal year.


The club is already planning for the 60th Anniversary celebration for Thanksgiving weekend in 2014.  But during the 15 months prior to the milestone event, the Satyrs will be celebrating with a year-long celebration including traveling exhibits, screening of the 5-part series throughout the nation, participating in biker/leather community

activities throughout the nation and the formal deposit of it’s entire collection to ONE Archives.

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Long Road Forward - Trailer 2013 Release from Garry Bowie on Vimeo.

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