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A Call for Clubs to Preserve History

Senator Joe McCarthy died in 1957 after nearly a decade of witchhunting for communists and homosexuals in America. It was one of the darkest periods in our history, but it also signaled the birth of gay men to come out of the closet. In February of 1958, the second oldest continuously running gay club after the Satyrs, The Oedipus Motorcycle Club formed.  Soon after and through the next two decades, dozens of clubs began forming using the formation documents of formed clubs to create theirs in the then, uncharted waters of the time.

Now, nearly sixty years later, hundreds of clubs have folded and those who are currently entering their 30’s and 40’s are beginning to fold.  Some without any fanfare as they sunset into the darkness.   Most clubs have not even preserved any club documents, photos, club colors, club flags and more.  

The Satyrs are calling for all clubs to begin now with their historical preservation projects.  A call to interview existing and former members members about their involvement and great memories of club history before it fades or vanishes. History must be preserved no matter how insignificant you may feel about your club, it matters to the legacy of our community and all future clubs.  As we begin to age out it is

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